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E-Mail 'Goes Postal' - Gandi Mail Version 2

Okay, excuse the corny punch line, but for those who haven't heard the expression, to "go postal" simply means to go crazy.  Without delving into the origins of the phrase, suffice it to say that the term these days can also mean to go crazy or emphatic in a positive sense as well.. (or so some would like to believe ;-) )

As many may know by now, the Gandi Mail platform in the past couple of years has seen a few recurring instances of performance degradation every couple of months.  As mentioned on the Gandi Bar, our teams have been working to bring you a new and more robust mail platform.  This new platform is the culmination of a considerable amount of resource investment over many months.

I am pleased to say that the new platform is fully operational and all Gandi Mail customers are fully migrated to the new system, with the migration itself taking about six weeks or so.  We decided to stage the migration gradually over a number of weeks to minimise any impact to our customers, and for the most part (with a very small handful of exceptions), the bulk of the migration was completed without anyone even noticing ;)

Anyway, without further ado, let's take a brief tour of the new mail platform and what has changed in Gandi Mail version 2.  Oh.. and before we go on, this article will be at times a little bit technical with the use of some acronyms and other geek-speak.  Don't worry, you'll soon get the gist of what we bearded technophiles blabber on about on a daily basis!  ;)