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When Null0 and BGP May Cause Problems

If you read any networking textbook or study guide on the subject of BGP and route stability, very often you will find a mention or even a suggestion to tie your aggregated prefix to null0 to ensure that the prefix is remains in the routing table thereby increasing the stability of your BGP advertisements.

While this is a good thing, to a certain extent, there are situations where such a configuration may lead to service interruption in case of an outage.  This quick article talks a little about internet routing using BGP and some "common practices".

Operation Dragonfly - Next Generation Gandi Network

As most of you may have already noticed over the past 18 months, there have been several periods of scheduled maintenance on the Gandi network. Some of these have been fairly intrusive, while others have taken place quietly behind the scenes. I have made a number of innuendos here on the Gandi Kitchen and also on the Gandi Bar over the past year dropping hints about some of the things to come, so I decided to take this opportunity to reveal a little more about what our network operations team here at Gandi is up to and what it means for you over the coming months.

Why are we calling this "Operation Dragonfly" ?? well.. that is for you to try to guess! We will be giving a Gandi T-Shirt to the first five people who find the link/significance of the name of this project, and send us a short one paragraph description of this significance by email to dragonfly AT gandi DOT net :) Contest ends on 14 February 2011 when the first five people to send us a correct answer will be sent their Gandi T-Shirts! (Please include your size and address in your email so that we know where to send it to, and to make sure we don't send you one for a Barbie doll!) Oh .. and before I forget, there are a few subtle hints embedded throughout this article to help you, and after the end of the competition we will also reveal the clues for everyone !