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Kernel and cmdline

We are pleased to announce that you can (finally!) choose the version of your kernel that you want (from a list which will be continually expanded), and associated boot options (cmdline). 2.6.18 and 2.6.27 are "base" versions supplied by Xen (backport of Xen patches for 2.6.27). Version 2.6.32, which is is currently available, uses paravirt_ops and the "Linux" implementation of Xen patches.

We will show you the new kernels here. They can be found in the "advanced mode" within the server's management page:


And you will then be able to access:


Concerning cmdline, you may now deactivate selinux at boot, boot as a single user, change the disk and the boot partition (which is practical for working with "images"), or choose the most appropriate console for your needs. In short, everything that you need to manage your updates in a more friendly environment, or to repair your server in the most autonomous manner.

If you feel that an option is missing, please let us know.