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New kernels available for your server.

Gandi hosting allow customer to choose from a pool of patched and built kernels from Gandi team. Three new kernels have been added to the available kernel list :

2.6.36 in x86_32 and x86_64

The Linux kernel is in active development : new versions containing features and bugfixes are published on a regular basis. We have prepared new build in 32 bits and 64 bits of the 2.6.36 kernel with D.Kipper patch about additional memory managment. Moreover the feature of resizing an online disk attached to a server is now merged into the kernel. The feature will arrive soon in the hostinig interface.

2.6.32 in x86_64 with grsecurity patch

Previous kernels allowed customers to setup security solution in the server system (thanks to selinux for example). When choosing this new 2.6.32 kernel you should be able to setup an advanced security policy thanks to grsecurity in version 2.1.14-201005151340. The kernel allow disk replication thanks to DRBD in version 8.3.8 which was not yet merged in the upstream source tree (integrated since the 2.6.33).

You can check the changelog of Gandi kernels and the process to update kernel modules according to your selected kernel.