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Mirror server and CentOS

Local CentOS mirror

In order to reconfigure our CentOS mirror repository the way CentOS use it,  the default version '6' which is currently pointing to the 6.1 version will be  switch to 6.2 version in the beginning of january (hopefully january the 5th). With this configuration change, our local CentOS repository will be compliant  with upstream mirror and customer will be able to easily follow the version of the 6 branch with simple update operations.

CentOS 6 image

Following the release of the 6.2 version of CentOS, both 32 bits and 64 bits OS images on Paris and Baltimore datacenters are now updated with the new version.

Local mirror URL

The URL of the official mirror server which contains distributions tree is The index page is listing all the distributions and  systems availables.

With Debian, for example, the URL to add to /etc/apt/sources.list is :

deb squeeze main experimental non-free

Older URL like or are now obsolete and will be removed soon.  They were setup during the beta step of the IAAS hosting.

The mirror server is available for virtual server on IAAS hosting and is not  reachable for servers outside Gandi network.