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Faster VM creation and deployments

We have modified the way in which new IaaS server creation operations and Simple Hosting code deployments are launched, speeding up the process and saving precious seconds.

By using PostgreSQL's listen / notify functionality, the provisioning of IaaS VMs and PaaS containers has been accelerated, allowing you to create servers and deploy your projects faster.

This image demonstrates the improvement in operation start times:

timing prov

The above graph shows a sampling of operations performed before and after we pushed the change to production. Each blue line represents the delay, in seconds, between when the operation was launched and the moment it started.

If you're a Simple Hosting user, you can benefit from this acceleration by using git and ssh to deploy your code. IaaS users will notice the difference on all future server creations, whether performed via our web interface or the Gandi hosting API.

Speaking of the API, you'll find libraries allowing you to interact with our API in your preferred language over at Github. If you've been working with our API, we'd love to see what you've come up with in the comments!

Enjoy your extra seconds. Try not to spend them all in one place ;)