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Ruby instance: Code, push, deploy!

Ruby is the language behind the Ruby on Rails web framework. Due to popular demand, we have created a new Simple Hosting instance family for Ruby. As with our other instance families, you can deploy your apps alongside the database type of your choice: MongoDB, PostgreSQL or MySQL. (You can also use sqlite3; just specify the package in your Gemfile.)

You can deploy any Rack-based application too, as well as Sinatra or Padrino apps.

uWSGI, not as well-known in the Ruby community as in the world of Python, is used to pass requests from Apache to your Ruby application's (Rack-compliant) webserver. Here's an example of the commands you can use to push a Rails application to production in three steps:

$ git push gandi master

'gandi' in the command above is simply the name of the remote git repo and can be changed.

$ ssh <> 'deploy default.git'

This command will deploy your application: it automatically downloads, then installs (and compiles, if needed) your application's dependencies, as specified in a Gemfile placed at the root of your project.

$ ssh <>; rake db:migrate;

For more information, see the Ruby documentation on the Gandi support wiki.

Simplified workflow and tools

This new instance enables the installation of a new range of excellent free and open source software. Create CMS-powered sites for clients with Refinery CMS or Locomotive CMS, use Redmine for flexible project management, ticket handling and bug tracking, or facilitate community with Discourse, a new and much-needed take on discussion software.

We have created a series of tutorials to help you install some of these tools. More tutorials will be added soon; in the meantime, feel free to create your own and share them with us, or to request tutorials of your choice!

The Ruby instance is now available in beta, and we can't wait to hear what you think. If you need help from Gandi, you can contact our support team. You can also find (and offer) help from the community of users at Gandi Groups.

Feeling adventurous? We'd love your feedback, so we're offering a free month to beta testers of the new Ruby instance. To get a promo code, just contact us in one of the ways below:

  • Ask us on Twitter @gandibar (follow us so we can DM you your promo code!)
  • open a support ticket,
  • send us an email at, or
  • ask in the #gandi-hosting IRC channel on Freenode.

As always, we welcome your comments at feedback [at] and your requests for future Simple Hosting features and instance types on our wishlist!