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How is a virtual machine set up?

The setup process of a virtual machine on Gandi IaaS has changed but the new process is still considered unstable and the API calls may change in the near future. If you chose to play around this new mechanism to develop new ways to commission virtual machines, let us know! And keep in mind this is an early release of our provisioning tools, for which we cannot guarantee a stable interface yet.

Storage Migration

For the past few months perhaps you might have made use of the servers in the US.  The changes in the storage technology was one of the strong points in the hosting infrastructure.  Prior to this, we had to adapt the infrastructure so that it could understand "n" datacenters.  The implementation of this new storage platform was not as complicated as it seems since it is completely independent to the architecture in France.  With a new datacenter, it was therefore quite a trivial matter to build from scratch, and all of the new servers in the US made use of this new platform from day one.

Gandi Hosting : US and France Datacenters FAQ

With the opening of our Baltimore datacenter, we have decided to provide a quick FAQ to respond to a few of the commonly asked questions about the hosting product and how it will work with the two datacenters, as well as some of the other features that we are putting in place.

If you have any questions not addressed here, then please feel free to let us know!

How to Create a System Images for Your Server

There are many reasons to create a system image for your servers: to build a custom system with your preferred applications pre-installed, to create an image of a game server that can be easily deployed, to simply duplicate a custom server, or simply to backup one's system...

The procedure is relatively simple and can be performed by anybody, as long as you pay careful attention to the detail.

Mandriva 2010 image in alpha (updated)

Server hosting by Gandi allow customers to choose from a selection of OS images available during the creation process of the virtual server. After the creation of the image by Gandi and internal testing, a new distribution is released to a specific group of hosting customers called 'alpha'. These clients can create server using these release candidate images. This allows Gandi to increase the types of testing and usage, and to find more bugs and problems by working with a small group of its customers.

Today - May the 21th - the Mandriva 2010.0 image has been released . This new version of the Mandriva distribution boots with a 2.6.27 kernel by default. It is currently only available for the 'alpha' customer group but will shortly be available for all customers. Please contact us if you wish to participate in our alpha testing phase.

16th August 2010 : Image is now available for everybody

Gandi 10th Anniversary - The Experience

To celebrate Gandi's 10th anniversary, this hair-brained idea to give away, in ten days, 55000 domains, raise a very practical question.  How, once we open the floodgates on such an operation, to maintain the highest quality of service on the site?  The festive spirit could well have transformed into a nightmare for our customers if they were suddenly unable to access their management interface.

So we took the decision to host the event on a dedicated site.  This was a hitherto dreamed of occasion to put ourselves into our customers' shoes, and use our hosting infrastructure for this event.  We defined the rules of play:  Using only the tools provided to our customers, build an architecture which was easily scalable and didn't break the bank, and to demonstrate our renowned flexibility.